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About AEM

AEM stands for Agricultural Engineering Manufacturing, and from our own agricultural region, we have been specializing in systems and technology for mushroom cultivation, horticulture and intensive livestock farming since 1973. Where we once started out with small-scale installations of advanced electro-technical controls, we have now grown into a high-tech organization with more than 40 years of experience and a world-wide customer base, where we always put our customers first.

Innovation Worldwide

Because your requirements are subject to continuous change, we develop our systems with the help of the latest technologies. AEM does not limit itself to merely considering your requirements of today - together with our installation partner Elektro Limburg we actively involve ourselves with the solutions of tomorrow. Supported by decades of experience, we develop and manufacture a range of climate systems, control devices, computer systems, electro-technical installations and all ancillary electro-technical components in co-operation with top researchers.

Turnkey projects

From electro-technical installations to water treatment, AEM provides complete installations for your site. AEM’s expertise and know-how of the water, electrical and heating technology sectors enable us to research just the right technical solution for your whole operation.


The economic use of energy and conserving the environment are important concerns close to the hearts of both our customers and us. AEM is very much aware of these issues, and we are pleased to assume our share of responsibility for this social development - and more than this, to play a pioneering role. The essence of our vision for the future? Economy and effectiveness!

Our customers come first!

Based on our experience, we are equipped with an in-depth knowledge of our customers and their markets, so that we can quickly respond to developments. We know our business relations well, and are well aware of their requirements. This means we are doing our very best not just at the installation phase, but also in the years to come, with a service team at your disposal 24/7 to fix any potential malfunctions!

Advice and service

As we are developing and manufacturing our products in-house and install them ourselves, too, you can count on AEM to provide your whole installation. Where other supplier services stop, our engineers go further. With us, customers are still right at the centre of everything, no matter whether requirements involve the extension of one department or a complete new construction. Our work is based on your requirements and needs, not ours.