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Ever since we founded our company in 1973, we have adopted sustainability as our aim. The responsible treatment of energy resources and the environment are highly important issues both for us and our stakeholders.

AEM is well aware of this and is pleased to take on responsibility for this social development. Even more so, we have made it our aim to play a pioneering role. The essence of our vision for the future? Economical and effective!

We don’t however just leave it at that, but also put our ambitions into practice. A small overview of our efforts aimed at achieving sustainability:

Internal management

  • Recycling of packaging materials
  • FSC-certified paper
  • Separation of waste flows
  • Water-cooled roof to save energy
  • Encouraging healthy exercise and protecting the environment with the help of our cycle scheme
  • PCs, screens and printers enter sleep mode when not in use
  • Internal memos sent by e-mail
  • Flexi-time: an environmentally-friendly way of working

Product chains

  •  Reducing energy consumption thanks to frequency regulator motor control
  • Promoting natural energy use with solar panels
  • Sustainable software design: natural air ventilation
  • Sustainable design using heat buffers and heat pumps
  • Using residual waste for fermentation and biogas production
  • Utilizing by-products in CHPs: CO2 and heat
  • Reducing water and fertilizer use with our Aquawatcher
  • Cutting liquid fertilizer use with our JET 2000