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International seed breeding company, 122 departments

"At the establishment of our company at our current location we have chosen AEM to be our inhouse installer. Due to the specific needs from the start of our company, a system with sufficient flexibility has been chosen, hence the AEM climate system. Over time the company has grown and AEM has expanded our climate system over and over again. We are still experiencing the benefits of the custom made product that AEM can deliver. Utilizing the knowledge in the preparation and implementation department at AEM, we continue to develop our business."

Roses nursery garden 5 acres

"As many manufacturers only sell a standard, AEM manufactures custom extensions based on my needs. What doesn't exist yet, is tailor-made for me at an affordable price. The ease of use and the capabilities of the system of AEM are really good. AEM is located near my own area and that makes it pleasant for me. They always respond quickly to questions, and in case of any faults and services they are soon available. The engineers know exactly how our system works and they communicate very clear."

Broiler Company, 200,000 animals

“I can’t think of anything better than seeing AEM installers working at our site; my parents already relied on them in their time. And I am 100% behind this choice: our co-operation with AEM is brilliant. At the same time, the installations and equipment are of perfect quality; all their items are robust and hardwearing. Many installations have been running for thirty years, and the number of interruptions is minimal. And very important: good equipment contributes to an optimum climate in our chicken houses and in consequence produces healthy, strong animals.”

Broiler Company, 130,000 animals

“The ability to perfectly control the climate in our henhouses is of vital importance in broiler farming. A small chick always has different heat requirements compared to a fully-grown chicken. AEM equipment enables us to accurately control the climate and guarantee the quality of our product. An important plus point is that AEM completely adapts the computer and control panels to my requirements. Their service is also perfect, and AEM people always think along with business owners. This provides organisations with a higher standard of management."

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