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Glasshouse Horticulture

With over 40 years working in this business, AEM has a wealth of specialized experience with air-conditioning and horticultutal technics. Right from the start, we have been relying on our own know-how and experience to create a special product range for the horticultural glasshouse sector, to ensure optimum growth of both your crop and your company. Energy, climate control and watering installations such as substrate units. AEM has all disciplines available in-house  to quickly react to demand from the market, and can therefore come up with innovative and efficient solutions.

Garden centres

More and more garden centres decide to integrate automation into their operations, so that in turn the importance of computers and technical installations for garden centres is on the increase, too. AEM's references include quite a number of fully automated garden centres, controlled by AEM products. On these sites, just about all electro-technical processes are run and regulated by AEM systems.

Thanks to AEM’s extensive experience with the realization of garden centre automation, we understand that this sector is an art in itself. Not only does this involve the ideal environmental climate, but also all the relevant electro-technical processes requiring automation and control. Lighting, audio-visual installations and access systems are just some of the processes which can be automatically controlled with the help of AEM systems. Of course reliability and user-friendliness are also main concerns with these systems - you can run any program required fully automatically, at the push of a button.

Production sites

The correct greenhouse climate is of crucial importance for optimum growth of your crop. Adjusting the proper climate factors to just the right moment in time is a subject which AEM experts specialise in. AEM provides a total product package enabling greenhouse companies to achieve an integrated automation solution on their premises.

Our process computer provides you with total control, for instance over the climate and irrigation requirements inside your greenhouse. You thus create the ideal growing climate at every moment of the day, perfectly adapted to your plants’ needs. CO2 requirements, ventilation, lighting, humidification, heating, CHP - our computers can effortlessly control and adjust any technical process to adjust conditions to the current situation in your greenhouse. Thanks to the modular structure and efficient layout, our systems can be perfectly adapted to the size of your operations. This means our systems can be tailored to suit smaller greenhouses just as well as sites dozens of acres in size. 

Research institutes

Research institutes make up a separate sector of the multitude of different horticultural establishments. Because research and testing tasks frequently require a larger number of compartments on a relatively small surface, the automation needs of these establishments often differ from those of regular horticultural operations.

Any organisation and environment where new developments and tests are undertaken therefore require installations with the highest level of sophistication. AEM has many years of experience with providing turnkey automation for research institutions. And our system's options for modular adaptation and their flexible structure do make our installations the ideal choice for this type of application.