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Mushroom projects

As a pioneer in the mushroom business, AEM began to develop and install their own air handling units and computer control systems in the 1970s. Right from the start, we have been relying on our own know-how and experience to create a special product range for growing mushrooms and mushroom composting to ensure optimal compost quality and mushroom production. This commitment has resulted in an innovative product range with effective solutions and a world-wide customer base.

Worldwide proven technology

By now AEM has become one of the leading companies in mushroom growing and mushroom composting business. AEM climate and computer equipment is exported worldwide, with a multitude of growing rooms, fermentation bunkers, pasteurization tunnels and spawn run tunnels equipped by AEM. Wether it concerns mushroom growing, phase 1 or phase 2 & 3 composting, AEM has the kwowhow and experience to design, engineer and execute mushroom and compost projects.

The AEM vision for composting and mushroom projects

Each project is unique and needs an individual approach. Together with our customers AEM determines witch products and techniques can best be obtained locally and what best can be obtained through AEM. For instance: why import steel or labour when steel or labour is sufficiently available locally? In this way AEM executes its projects in the most efficient and economical way.

This vision has big advantages such as saving costs on transport, on production and on import taxes. With the AEM vision you get the most practical approach and design for your phase 1 bunkers, phase 2&3 tunnels or growing rooms.

AEM at your service!

Whether it concerns mushroom farms or compost facilities, AEM can provide you with turnkey projects but also for individual products and services, for instance: building engineering, technical engineering, computer climate control, air handling systems, grid or spigot floors, shelving, automatic watering solutions and/or compost filling and emptying machinery. All products are proven in practice all over the world.


Worldwide innovation since 1973 – This has been the slogan of AEM for many years and this is exactly what AEM stands for. For over 40 years, AEM has been engineering and manufacturing high quality mushroom and composting products and installations for our customers all over the world. For this reason, a lot of  early year installations of AEM are still operational and functioning to our customer satisfaction.

Not only the long lifespan of our products, but also the involvement of AEM in sustainable energy as photovoltaic (solar) installations, CHP’s, geothermal installations and bio-energy contributes to a durable production environment for our customers.