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Sustainable energy

When in the past, it was only important to have energy available, it is now increasingly more interesting to be (partially) self-sufficient with regard to your own energy requirements. A growing number of our customers therefore opts for different ways to provide for their own consumption, or to generate sustainable energy for the trade, so they can always work in an energy-neutral manner. PV (photovoltaic) panels is just one of several possibilities.

AEM - a reliable partner

Over the past few years, AEM have started specializing in sustainable/green energy for our customers in the agricultural sector. This means we can not only provide our customers with optimum advice, but we also know exactly what issues have to be considered for every different type of energy for instance solar energy or bio energy.

Our customers come first

The focus of our activities is always you, our customer - by installing our products and providing after-sales services after supplying, for instance, solar panels, a CHP or biogas installation, so that you can always rely on a supply of energy generated “by nature”!