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AEM completes a Compost project in Kazachstan.

AEM BV, Specialist in agri-technics for horticulture, mushroom, composting and intensive livestock has finished a new compost facility in Almaty, Kazachstan. This new tunnel facility produces phase II/III compost for mushroom growing in that region.
After an order for the engineering of the construction and climate installation of this new facility principal KazEcoFood LLC was contented and also trusted AEM with the Climate and Controls of the project. AEM delivered new air handling units, the control system and several building materials that were not locally available with the right specifications. The parts were locally assembled while AEM made some supervision visits during the building stage of the project. Construction and installation were checked before engineers of AEM commissioned and completed the facility.


- Anuar Serik , CEO "KazEcoFood" LLC: “…we are very happy with AEM tunnels…Now the quality of our compost became much better than it was, as a result we could enlarge the crop from 22-25 kg/m2 to 29-30 kg/m2!...”


Christian Zeegers account manager Mushroom ad Composting of AEM states a growing interest in AEM products, especially in knowledge and experience that AEM adds to their projects with their engineering.


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