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The optimum climate for your site – that’s what we aim for. With the help of a complete understanding of your climate, you can clearly see the state of your climate technology systems at a glance. We use our own AEM software to monitor and manage your climate.

Energy management and climate control systems

AEM was the first supplier offering graphic horticultural computer systems providing an insight into the current climate, substrate conditions and energy control. This provides growers with a distinct and clear understanding of the state of their plants. The effective presentation of the most important management information - that's what we are after.

Up-to-date worldwide

Our customer requirements are currently so varied that not every single one of them requires an overview of their climate, substrate and energy consumption conditions simply from their desktop PC. An increasing number of customers wants to have clear data available on the go, too, providing them with a distinct and clear overview at any time and wherever they are. And AEM provides for these requirements, with devices and related software developed in-house, for instance for use on smartphones and tablets.