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Our water technology department has been specializing in the development and manufacture of complete water technology systems such as substrate units and irrigation controls for many years. We can provide both stand-alone and completely integrated control systems, for instance combining climate and energy.

Substrate AEM-style

Back in those days when sites still used theoretical models to control the irrigation for their plants, AEM was the first to introduce its own irrigation system based on weight: our Aquawatcher. We were also the first to offer our own system for the automatic dosing of liquid fertilizers: the Jet 2000. It’s not just us who is convinced of our innovative power - our various partners are as well. This means that we were for instance awarded an Innovation Prize for our Aquawatcher, the very first system for automatic water distribution.

Our system, your requirements

While the majority of suppliers are a little shy on the subject, we deliver; we will develop just what you require! For instance, we supply complete water technology installations for glasshouse horticulture, but can also provide water technology controls for outside crops. Irrigation controls for watering valves and so on. Our substrate systems can be adapted to any situation conceivable!