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Edible Insects

The worlds population is increasing rapidly what makes the food issue one of the most challenging of the future. Where 2,5 Billion people populated earth in 1950, we nowadays have 7,3 Billion people living on earth. In the next several years this number will increase with a prognoses is that 10 Billion inhabitants will walk the earth in 2050! Much more protein for this population will be required.

Protein is available as vegetable protein as well as animal protein. Animal protein is mostly consumed in meat. But in over 100 countries protein is also consumed in form of insects. Insects gain their protein from their foods in a highly efficient way. Much more efficient then livestock does. That is why it is expected that protein consumption by insects will gain terrain rapidly. On the one hand by consumption of insect protein by men and on the other hand by using insect protein in food for feed.

Insects en larvae is also used in the production of medicines.

With years of experience in agricultural techniques AEM is contributing to the upgrowth of insect production. AEM already gained experience by climatising insect farms for insect production.  By combining available and new techniques that are already applied in livestock, mushroom growing and horticulture AEM provides the best climate system for each situation.

AEM joined the Insect Protein Innovation Platform (IPIP) to underline its contribution to the development of insect production. More information about IPIP can be found on: