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AEM exotic mushroom - PROJECTS

To grow exotic mushrooms, special constructed rooms are required. Growing rooms are most of the time build up out of insulation panels, this because of the good insulation value and because they are easy cleanable. The white panel colour is an ideal reflector for the AEM LED lights, providing a good visibility and optimal and pleasant working conditions in the growing rooms.  The growing rooms are mostly provided with aluminium shelving, in which substrate bags or packages can be placed. The growing rooms can be used to grow 1 specific variety, but mostly different types are grown, according local demand. The most popular variations are Pleurotus, Oyster, Shiitake, Eryngi, Enoki and Shamija as well as other similar varieties. Sizes and layout of the growing room can vary according the required production. Often an exotic mushroom farm exists out of big incubation rooms and several smaller growing rooms. The shelving or racks can be positioned in different layouts, depending on the type of exotic mushroom. 


With our own engineering team AEM can execute engineering works for exotic mushroom farms, based on more than 40 years of practical experience!  During the engineering process AEM will select the most effective design regarding type of growing room, lay out, growing surface per room, number of rooms, dimensions and the required building materials and equipment. The engineering process will be executed in coordination with the customer so that customer needs and local conditions will be integrated from the start. AEM can cover all building technical and technical aspects of the engineering. The detailed drawings and design information of the growing rooms can be used by the local contractors. This way you can combine the latest international knowhow with low local building and or installation costs!


The mushroom farm can be build locally, using local contractors and building materials in combination with the AEM detailed drawings and design information. On request AEM can deliver additional parts for the mushroom farm, such as steel structure, insulation panels, room entrance doors, filling / emptying doors, door lift wagons, and more. Of course if required AEM can deliver the entire exotic mushroom farm as turn key project. Erecting the exotic mushroom farm still can be executed by a local company, if required guided by AEM supervisors.  


AEM supplies aluminium shelving, this type of shelving is preferable because of food safety regulations, low transport cost, easy cleanable, no rust, and high rest value. The shelving will be delivered in parts, local assembly will be easy in combination with AEM assembly instructions. The following standard dimensions of mushroom shelving are available: 1,2 – 1,34 – 1,4 meter width and 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 beds high. Other dimensions available on request. For ease of working AEM also supplies manual picking lorries, picking lorries with hand winch, picking lorries with electric winch and fully automatic picking lorries.


The growing rooms have to be equipped with special designed air handling units for accurate control of temperature, humidity and CO2. AEM develops and supplies a range of growing room air handling units specially designed for exotic mushrooms including centrifugal fan, heating coil and cooling coil, air damper, course and fine filters, frequency converters, servomotors and more. The capacities will be calculated per project, according growing surface and local ambient conditions.


For controlling the temperature, humidity and CO2 inside the growing room AEM supplies automatic exotic mushroom computers. The required process parameters can be inserted by the user in a logical and straight forward way. In combination with the measured temperatures, humidity and CO2 levels the computer will control the air handling unit, creating the most optimal climate with using as less as possible energy.