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Geothermal heat (also heat exchange wells) for instance represents a very interesting and cost-efficient source of energy for the underglass horticulture sector. Some 99% of the Earth is over 1000 degrees hot; with only the Earth’s crust forming an insulating layer. With the help of ground water, the geothermal heat can be transported to the surface in an energy-efficient manner for immediate use. 

Well installation

When boring a deep well into the earth’s crust, the deeper you bore down,  the more heat is released, which you can then for instance use to generate energy or heat for your site or third parties. Boring and building the well is a one-off investment, and you will subsequently be able to profit from an unlimited supply of economic green energy!

Advantages of ground heat

The advantages of geothermal energy are clear: clean, sustainable and always available, no matter what the weather conditions. In addition, this type of energy is not subject to price increases, as it comes straight from nature. You need not worry about supplies either: Even the uppermost 6 kms of the earth alone provide some 50,000 times as much energy as is available from all the oil and gas stocks of the whole world combined.