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Experts in mushroom, horticulture and intensive livestock projects

AEM has been specializing in the engineering and manufacturing of installations and equipment for mushroom cultivation, composting,  horticulture and intensive livestock for more than 40 years.

By now, we have grown into a 24/7 service company with international experience across our markets, a range of innovations, a worldwide customer base and innovative, reliable, well thought out systems with proprietary hardware and software.

On the basis of our partnership, we are pleased to co-operate with you in the creation of an ideal climate for a profitable and sustainable mushroom/composting farm, glasshouse or animal farm.


International seed breeding company, 122 departments

"At the establishment of our company at our current location we have chosen AEM to be our inhouse installer. Due to the specific needs from the start of our company, a...

Worldwide Innovation Since 1973